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Smart Zone creates the identity and brand name for each company that conforms to the business identity of each customer after examining and analyzing the nature of the activity of each customer. We design your business identity in a unique, and modern, and expressive way with the use of colors appropriate and suitable for each identity.



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The commercial identity is of great importance because it has become one of the most important means of advertising and advertising at the moment. There is no company or trademark that does not have a commercial identity of its own logo or design of the visual identity of the company. Through the visual identity, the consumer can distinguish between the company and the other and the degree of excellence of companies .

trade mark

Qualification and processing of the mark for registration as a trademark in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

special marque

Study of competing brands to access the design of a label

Multiple packages

Design different commercial identity applications for each activity


Significance and meaning

A brand that is meaningful, meaningful and distinct among competitors

Multiple designs

The uniqueness of the brand and its uniqueness are the most important features with multiple models of logos and identity applications to choose from

Color Philosophy

Use a color philosophy that suits and reflects your company’s activity

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